Quotes we find helpful:

From Beyond Hope, Letting Go of a World in Collapse, by Deb Ozarko

P. 116  Even if a collective awakening were to miraculously occur and everyone on the planet chose to go vegan, live off-grid in a tiny cob house, grow their food, walk or ride their bicycles, fall deeply in love with Earth, and never buy a single plastic item again; it still wouldn’t be enough (but that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t choose that lifestyle path). The runaway momentum from our destructive behavior is well underway. The damage is irreversible. The lag time between our past and present actions and the subsequent repercussions of these efforts will likely play out for several millennia to come. There is no escaping the consequences of our conditioned arrogance, we are not invincible, infallible, or immortal. Let’s get real here; we’ve screwed the planet and ourselves.

P. 130  In my heart, it made no difference if “it” was a cultural, ecological, or social collapse. Rather than allow my mind to exhaust itself with possible future scenarios, I’ve since chosen to be fully present with what is. In this acceptance, I’ve unleashed a force from within that knows that no matter how it all plays out, it’s ok, because the love in my heart remains steadfast throughout it all.

P. 155  In the wake of such outrageous lunacy, we must let go of all attachment to a possible future by living in a place of pure presence. When we are fully engaged in the present moment, the future becomes unnecessary.

P. 160  Pain is an intelligent mechanism for alerting us to what needs our attention. It is not an enemy of our humanity; instead it is a wise messenger that brings us closer to the Soul.

P. 180  There is a huge gift in these apocalyptic times that makes entirely clear the precariousness and impermanence of everything. It pummels the ego and destroys all illusion. This can lead to paralysis, horror, despair, rage, and denial; or it can lead to a hunger to connect to the soul and act with integrity, love, and compassion, not out of personal agenda, but because that is the essence of who we are.

P.197  When we face the end – individually and collectively – we can finally stop pretending. The collapsing biosphere is forcing us to let go of the notion of permanence. It can free us from the idea that tomorrow should look like today and yesterday, and it can also bring us closer to living in the moment.

P. 200  My own life revolves around this simple mission statement: “Evolve as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow, and act as though a future still matters.”

From Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, by Laurence Gonzales

In a true survival situation, you are by definition looking death in the face, and if you can’t find something droll and even something wondrous and inspiring in it, you are already in a world of hurt.

From The Wild Edge of Sorrow, by Francis Weller

P. 110  Life is hard, filled with loss and suffering. Life is glorious, stunning, and incomparable. To deny either truth is to live in some fantasy of the ideal or to be crushed by the weight of pain. Instead, both are true, and it requires a familiarity with both sorrow and joy to fully encompass the full range of being human.